Scodix SENSE™, the breakthrough digital enhancement printing experience produced by the Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses and Scodix Rainbow™ Station, brings a new look and tangible dimension to the graphic communications printed image, creating an eye-catching, memorable experience.

The Scodix SENSE™ technology unleashes the power of enhancements, creating a printing experience that touches the senses and delivers sustainable differentiation. This experience is made possible by breakthrough, patent-pending technology developed by Scodix.

Print takes on a distinctly new dimension with the Scodix SENSE™ technology, driven by hardware and software engineered especially for the Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses and the innovative Scodix Rainbow™ Station.

Scodix technological advantages
  • Exclusive capabilities power a wide variety of enhancements:
    • Elevated elements up to 250 micron high
    • High gloss – up to 99 GU
    • Different densities ranging from 1-100%
    • Purifying colors underneath the Scodix SENSE
    • Metallic coloring with Scodix Metallic™
  • Scodix RSP™ Technology – The Scodix patent pending on minimum of CCD camera system, and the dedicated software algorithms, allow to Rotate, Scale and Position Scodix print enhancement with pinpoint accuracy, scanning every sheet to deliver the PolySENSE™ to its exact location. Scodix’s RSP™ technology is the key to creating output that is superior to all others in the industry
  • Full digital solution supports variable data printing using Barcode integrated system
  • Flexibility to enhance both digital and offset prints
 Advanced inkjet technology

The core of the Scodix SENSE™ technology is its advanced jetting block and multiple independently controlled inkjet nozzles that produce UV polymer in small drops and multiple layers.

Accurate Print Enhancement Technology

The Scodix patent pending RSP™ Technology based on minimum of CCD camera system, and the dedicated software algorithms, allow to Rotate, Scale and Position Scodix print enhancement with pinpoint accuracy, scanning every sheet to deliver the PolySENSE™ to its exact location. Scodix’s RSP technology is the key to creating output that is superior to all others in the industry.

Scodix Metallic™

Scodix Metallic™ is a game changing solution in our industry. It gives us the ability to create metallic colors in a simple digital process without any special hardware or software tools and is therefore easy to use, cost-effective and accessible to PSP’s and customers.

  • Enhance digital prints with metallic coloring
  • Utilizing CMYK color process and Scodix SENSE™ – No need for additional HW or SW
  • Unlimited number of metallic colors in one print pass
  • Cost effective, easy to use, in-house solution to foil stamping
  • Short run – as low as one-copy
Immediate readiness

Printed substrates are run under a UV bulb that instantly cures the jetted Scodix PolySENSE™ clear polymer, creating a print enhanced job and preparing the job for the finishing process of cutting, folding etc. When using the Scodix Rainbow station, a glitter powder is also applied during the process, before the curing. The powder than sticks to the polymer, and then comes the step of curing.

Wide flexibility

With print capabilities of up to 250 microns in thickness, the Scodix SENSE™ technology realizes the remarkable potential of enhancements and the ability to print even Braille letters and graphic elements digitally. A variety of gradations and textures can be applied to the same print to easily perform both one-sided and double-sided applications.

 Environmental technology

Scodix has developed a Green printing technology that reduces environmental impact, producing less waste and using less energy. Scodix SENSE™ is nontoxic and recyclable and releases no VOC (volatile organic compounds), replacing traditional systems that use plates, molds, chemicals, and solvents.

Industrial strength

The Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses and Scodix Rainbow™ Station are designed for any run – from one to thousands. With components and parts from the best manufacturers in the market, throughput and automatic workflow, Scodix solutions are built to support a productive industrial environment.

Automatic paper feeder

Designed to perform in a production environment with a wide variety of paper weights, sizes and substrates — ranging from laminated paper to cartons and even plastic — the robust Scodix sheet feeder enables unparalleled flexibility. With up to 188x545mm large sheet size and substrate weight of up to 675 gsm with 30 point thick, the commercial and packaging applications are endless.

 A 100% digital environment

The Scodix digital print enhancement technology requires minimum set-up effort. With all image data stored digitally for on-demand printing directly from a PC, the need for plates, molds and storage space is completely eliminated, enabling printing professionals to print enhancements directly from the computer to the page, in one single step.

Scodix Barcode system

The Scodix Barcode system is a control, verification and variable data printing enhancement tool, integrated into Scodix presses.

Security Verification & Control

Where verifiable integrity is needed, the Scodix Barcode provides multi-level security verification at sheet, set and document level. It also controls the insertion of sheets and multiple additional sheets for customized sets, meaning every sheet is 100% accurate and every set or document can be customized. The Scodix Barcode extends your variable data beyond the regular CMYK printer and forward to the enhancement stage on the Scodix presses.

Variable Data Print Enhancement (VDP)

Photo albums, sport & concert tickets, entry badges, personalized event invitations, and direct mail to name but a few applications, require the use of bar-coding within the printing process.

Scodix supports this workflow and enables the enhancement of your selected variable data in all these applications.

Advanced image editor

An advanced software tool developed by Scodix, the Image Editor, enables pinpoint accurate editing of the 5th separation directly on the printer’s user interface, without the need to return to the designer, saving both time and money.

 Integral RIP

This unique software feature enables printing professionals to set the layer thickness within the user interface and perform “on the fly” job setups, leading to dramatic savings in both time and preparation costs.

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